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Are you Productiv-ABLE?

By August 23, 2010No Comments

Recently my mate and thought leader, Scott Ginsberg published a fabulous book called ABLE. It shares his theory of the universe.  Scott says, ‘the only thing in life you have control over is yourself and that you can’t make anything happen – but you can (greatly) increase the probability of that thing happening … by making yourself more “-able.

It is a brilliant book and you definitely would enjoy a copy – buy at Amazon. His list is extensive of all the -ABLE’sthat increase your probability of success in business and in life. It got me thinking….what if everyone was more Productiv-ABLE?  I know it isn’t a real word (I can hear my English teacher Mr Noonan correcting me right now!) but think about it…

You will find many definitions for productivity online.

Productive – generative: having the ability to produce or originate; “generative power”; “generative forces”.  Cool right!
You are a stronger force because you have the power to be more productive-ABLE. When you are Productiv-ABLE your relationships are stronger, you invest time in activities you love (rather than feel obliged to do), you achieve higher results because you are focused on activities that energize you (rather than drain you) and you are doing things that are aligned with your values and beliefs. Voila… Productiv-ABLE!

Time management is out the window. The old way of managing time doesn’t work anymore. The rules, systems and processes that were created historically didn’t realize technology has changed the pace at which we work. We have allowed ourselves to be contactABLE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  People complain about how ‘stressed’ and ‘tired’ they are and they chase an elusive concept of balance. Some people wear stress as a badge of honour. Not me! We need to realize to be more Productiv-ABLE we need to think about where we invest our time, attention and energy… it is not just about time anymore.

Here are some ideas for you to consider when it comes to being more Productiv-ABLE:

Schedule activities – but only choose the activities that get you closer to your goals. Sure it is easy to be ‘busy’ all day – but busyness isn’t Productiv-ABLE. Use a filter to determine if it is an activity that is rewarding and re-energizing. If not, ask yourself why are you doing it?

Schedule recovery – make appointments with yourself to allow your mind and body to recover when you have finished a big project, given an outstanding presentation to 1,000 people or finished writing your latest book.  Whatever activities are BIG for you – schedule recovery time afterwards.

Schedule re-energy – what re-energizes you? What is an activity you love to do? What is something that you miss if you can’t get to do it? Is there someone you absolutely love to hang out with? A place you absolutely love to go? An activity you absolutely must do? Think about it. For me, I have an American family I adore; spending time with them totally re-energizes me. They don’t need or want anything from me; just for me to be me. Spending time with them top up my energy supply and allows me to be re-energized for the week ahead. I also love spending time with girlfriends, shoe shopping, riding my Harley – all kinds of things… but the trick is that I have to schedule time to do that otherwise many other activities can get in the way.

Choose 3 – only 3, just 3 activities each day that absolutely must be completed before your head hits the pillow tonight. Each day your list or choices might be different. If you want a feeling of being more Productiv-ABLE, this will help you. They can be personal or professional – but choose 3 (any more is a bonus).

15 minutes only – work in 15 minute increments. It is the magic number. Of all my research I have done in talking with audiences all around the world on this topic, I believe that 15 minutes is the key to being more Productiv-ABLE. No one has an hour to spend on things any more – we have created a crazed lifestyle that is full. 15 minutes can help get you closer to your goals.  Think about all the activities you can do in 15 minutes a day that will make you a greater force i.e. exercise, meditate, make a phone call, send a thank you note, review your financials, read a book, eat lunch (away from your computer), spend time in a face to face conversation with someone you love, play with your kids, recognize an employee – oh the list is endless! The key is 15 dedicated, (not multi-tasking or distracted) minutes! Imagine that – imagine giving someone your undivided attention for 15 solid, attentive minutes – try it!

Do you want to produce more, generate more original ideas, and be a greater force?

I challenge you to implement two (or three) of these suggestions and I believe your relationships will be stronger, your time will feel more like your own, your results will be accelerate, your attention will be focused and your energy will be out of this world! You will be more Productiv-ABLE!

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