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Are you fascinating?

By January 15, 2015No Comments

Loved this interview with my friend Sally Hogshead and Marie Forleo. Marie is someone I admire for the online community she has built in her unique, quirky and fun way.

Sally is a friend I admire for her ability to create an ah-mazing business doing what she loves and showing people the best of themselves. Like Sally, my Fascination style is The Catalyst so I love it when she talks about this.

Enjoy this video today, read her book Fascinate, hire her to speak in your company – she’s brilliant

Are you fascinating?

Watch this video, subscribe to Marie TV and read Sally’s book

NEWSFLASH: Sally has generously given me 500 assessments – you can now go in and find out how the world sees you! Thank you Sally – you are a rockstar and generous.

Most personality tests tell you how you see the world.
Only one measures how the world sees you…
Here is your private code to find out how the world sees you:
—-> 1. Go to:
—-> 2. For the access code, enter NEEN
Answer 28 questions (and you can do it on your phone).
The Fascination Advantage is the first assessment to measure how your personality is most likely to add distinct value. Created by Sally Hogshead, and based on results of 500,000 participants, this test will reveal how your team adds value.

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