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From the moment we open our eyes, something wants our attention.

6:00 am: Reach over turn off the alarm and think “I should workout” and then we grab our cell and begin the mindless scroll …

  • Text messages (reply)
  • Facebook (like)
  • Brush teeth … oops out of toothpaste “Alexa, order toothpaste”
  • Instagram (heart)
  • LinkedIn (accept)
  • Make coffee … argh out of coffee beans “Alexa, order coffee”
  • Twitter (retweet)
  • .. oh email … close, nope too much email!

6.40 am Open calendar and think “what time is my first meeting today?” .. oi oi oi – need to jump in the shower but first, just one more cup of coffee! Where did the morning go?

Then we remember …”I really wanted to work out this morning, oh well, ran out of time” because you were interrupted with the digital distractions of the morning.

Once showered and ready… we repeat this pattern again, text, Facebook, Instagram, Email… we look down at our phone … oh goodness time to turn on Zoom!

And then our day begins. In the first Zoom call, we sneakily look at our phone, answer emails, reply to texts, scroll Instagram, laugh at GIFs our co-workers send us when Barry says something silly… and we wonder why we get to the end of our day and we are so overwhelmed, exhausted, and distracted.

Do your mornings look like this? If yes, click here you are not alone, mine used to look like this (a so-called Attention Expert)!

When you are constantly interrupted you can feed your progress or feed your distraction … this is what I call the Distraction Dilemma.

The secret to solving the Distraction Dilemma is focus.

Focus is Fuel.

Right now, we feel like things are so unpredictable and out of control! We don’t know what is happening next and just when we do, someone changes their mind, and everything is out of control again!

Life feels unknown and uncertain. We are all looking for something we can control, what if you start with your attention? Maybe you decide to change your morning routine?

I realized to solve this Distraction Dilemma, focus was my ONLY option. Focusing intentional attention on who, and what mattered to get closer to my goals.

These suggestions might help:

  • Create a daily routine – download the daily tracker I created for you
  • Use website blocking software – Freedom is great
  • Create a gratitude practice – as you open your eyes, name 5 things you are grateful for
  • Get an accountability partner – send your weekly goals and ask them to help you stay on track
  • Meditate – pray, be silent, sit and say ommm whatever works for you – I love Aditi guided meditation from Peloton
  • Move your body – do some mobility drills, gentle yoga, or head out for a walk

Which one will you try this week, email me?

Think about what you can control within our current situation and COVID … and let’s find a solution for your distraction dilemma.

We are on this journey together.  You are not alone.


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