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Are you a current and relevant leader?

By September 25, 2020No Comments

“You show leaders how to remain current and relevant so they are indispensable,” she said.

This wonderful client made me smile when she said this, we were chatting about important characteristics for women leaders (prepping for a Women in Leadership program I was delivering for a client) … this advice applies to all of us.


During the pandemic, you might be managing remote teams, spending way to many hours online, in video calls, and maybe trying to just keep it together? I see you. You are not alone.


The last thing you might be thinking about is trying to stay current and relevant … and hear me out.

We are all leaders (in our homes, work, church, temple, community) and during challenging times leaders that are indispensable know how to be current and relevant.

Here are some suggestions:

    Look current – not talking about haircuts… but that does help!  Is your personal brand (including wardrobe, online presence, social media, photos, bios) up to date … or do you have a really dated picture on LinkedIn?
    Be adaptable – adjusting your mindset to new conditions makes you even more valuable.
    Leverage technology – where can you streamline processes, procedures, and communication methodologies to make life easier and more efficient for yourself, your team, and your clients?

    Focus on projects that matter – I say this ALL the time “everyone wants (and needs) your attention … not everyone deserves it”. Being able to prioritize projects with the greatest ROA (return on attention) helps everyone.

    Set projects free (that’s Neen code for letting them go, don’t do them, eliminate them), you will feel lighter, promise.

    Be your own publicist – update your boss every Friday, sharing 5 bullet points you and the team achieved that week. Don’t worry if they don’t read or respond to it, track your success.

Here is a link to a blog we published on this topic a few years ago, you might enjoy additional ideas.

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