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Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule Book Review

By February 28, 2018No Comments

5 second rule mel robbins book reviewNeed to pay attention to what really matters in your life? Read Mel’s book, 5 Second Rule. 5 seconds will change your life.… that’s it. It’s simple. It’s powerful. Invest your precious time reading this book filled with practical advice and great social media testimonials and proof this really works.


Learn the power of courage in your every day, how to change your behaviors and your mindset.


Mel’s advice to increase productivity and achieve results you want in your life is practical, relevant and especially in a time when we are more distracted than ever before.


I love the format of the book, the constant encouragement, the social media proof of people around the world sharing their experience of implementing this and Mel’s honesty of how she created this (science-based) brilliant, simple solution.


Read it. Give it to your teams. Enjoy it. Well done to my friend Mel.


Want to learn more about how this book can help empower you at home, work and in life? Watch my video review below.



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