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5 Love Languages: Pay Attention at Work, Home and in Your Community

By February 13, 2017No Comments

love languagesHave you heard of this powerful little book called 5 Love Languages?

Have you read this New York Times Best Selling book?

I read it over 20 years ago and yet the advice outlined is as true today as it was back them.

In corporations we use tools to assess our communication style, our personalities, and our productivity …. wouldn’t it be fun to see how we show others we care. We can! This book is valuable reading for every executive, entrepreneur and pretty much anyone.

Take this online free assessment tool to discover your love language. Click here: Maybe even share this with someone you love and see what their love languages are too.

If you want to show more attention to those your share your life with, pay special attention to their love language. We often communicate in the way we want to be communicated with.

We often communicate in the way we want to be communicated with and yet we can have more impact on others when we communicate in the way they want to receive it. By paying attention to others it is easier to care for them they way they want.

When I was first married my love language was ‘gifts’.  I LOVE giving presents and receiving. I absolutely LOVE giving presents to others and over the years my love language shifted.

Pick up a copy of this little book, it’s an easy read, and start to find ways you can love those around you in the way they want to be loved.


What’s your love language? Determine your love languages and discover how you can:

  • Connect with customers, employees, peers and more
  • Use your love language to communicate and influence
  • Determine what motivates your employees


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