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3 Types of Thought Leaders – Which Are You?

By December 14, 20153 Comments

Thought Leaders Ideas Profit SharingHave you ever heard the term ‘Thought Leader’ and wondered what it was and who gets to call themselves that? Those in thought leadership can shape and shift the ideas, perspectives and passion of others.

They don’t just know something, they are known for something.

When the term was first coined, it meant something different than it does today. Now it seems as though the phrase is used and abused in business today. I’m a partner in Thought Leaders Global and we have a definition of three types of Thought Leaders.

  1. Intrapreneur – Within a corporation, this person is the go-to resource within a company that best represents their brand, idea and thoughts.
  2. Entrepreneur – These are the people who like to start, grow and exit a fast growing business within about five years. They use thought leadership as a marketing strategy to operationalize their ideas.
  3. Infopreneur – Professionals that have information in their head they can capitalize on by sharing it with the world in a way that is uniquely theirs.

Often, what we see is that perceived Thought Leaders are actually just thought repeaters. If you really want to stand out, identify what type of Thought Leader do you want to be?

Are you an internal thought leader that is the go-to expert in your area of expertise. This is a fantastic strategy if you really want to attract, retain and develop top talent in your company.

If you’re an entrepreneurial thinker, you must have a clear strategy for the types of businesses you can rapidly grow, market and exit using your area of expertise and skills.

As an infopreneurial thought leader, consider those thoughts and ideas that are uniquely yours. What’s your context for the world and how do you see the world. My context is Attention. I want the world to give the gift of their undivided attention in order to better receive the attention they too desire.


What compels you? What is your passion? What is your unique experience? How can you honor that uniqueness to share thoughts and ideas with the world? Share your ideas with us!


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