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10 Strategies to Stay Focused and Productive During Quarantine

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Need to stay productive during quarantine?
1. Stay Healthy – drink more water, move your body, meditate, get your sleep. These fundamentals are often more challenging when you are highly stressed and the days blend together. Control what you can, make good choices when you can, your body and your mind will thank you.
2. Create a morning routine – creating a system for your morning will establish a more focused and productive day. Start with taking care of your health (great nutrition and moving your body) and then set up your goals for today.
3. Decide on 3 Things – make a list of three things you MUST get done today, write them on a post-it note and feel fabulous when you get to cross them off!
4. Set up your Workspace – create a dedicated space (somewhere in your home) that is just for you to work (preferably not on your bed) so that you can feel focused and have everything you need to make your WFH days feel better.
5. Learn Video Skills – understand how to angle your laptop (eye level is best to avoid a gazillion chins on camera), good lighting is powerful and set up an environment that is not distracting, but compliments you and your personal brand.
6. Create House Rules – create agreements with those you share your life with for phone and video calls, hours of working and meal breaks to make it easier for everyone.
7. Learn Platform Functionality – whatever platform you and your team are using (i.e. Zoom, Microsoft Team, What’s App) learn how to use it well so you can share screen, chat, change moderators, start and end calls with elegance.
8. Use a Smiley Post-it Note – draw a little smiley face on a post-it note and stick it below your camera (it will remind you to smile). This tip is from legendary body language expert, Mark Bowden of TruthPlane. This video he created is genius too Mark Bowden Truth Plan Video
9. Give Yourself Grace – go easy on yourself. Some days you feel so focused and you can conquer the world. Other days you might want an afternoon nap, binge watch a Netflix series or just eat all the carbs (I hear you). Be kind and gentle with yourself.
10. Organize Something – pick a space and tidy it up. Choose to clean up your hard disc. Empty out a desk drawer. Clean out your inbox. Now is a great time to feel more accomplished by organizing something that has been distracting you.

10 Ways to Stay focused during quarantine

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