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Productive Networking – Guest Blog by Thom Singer

All opportunities come from people. As we progress through life some of the richest experiences we will ever have are directly linked to the people we have chosen to include in our journey.  People matter. While few debate the power of relationships in business and our personal lives, the topic of networking continues to be […] Read the full article

Get Productive: Stop discounting success

Do you ever forget to look at your achievements, discount current successes and only focus on the next project/goal/budget? I am training for my first marathon, (not words I thought would ever come out of my mouth), especially since I started running only four months ago. Part of my training includes competing in shorter races. […] Read the full article

Get Productive:  Get the (updated) Noteshelf App

Its no secret Noteshelf app is one of my MOST fave and most used apps on my iPad! If you have been in a workshop with me, or at one of my keynotes on Folding Time™ you will have heard me rave about it. When you combine this app with a great stylus, you have […] Read the full article

Get Productive:  Are you seeing people?  

Seeing my name on the iPad outside the hotel in the Vegas heat, I walk up to meet Andy my driver.  His big smile and friendly manner are such assets in his business. One of the big perks of my job is meeting the coolest people; drivers are some of my absolute favorites.  Many of […] Read the full article

Name Your Gremlin

It was inevitable I would meet him. He was ugly and cruel. Knowing how positive I am, I thought I could keep him away. The day began with my 6.15 am run with Coach Dave doing one milers, I rocked it. The weather, track and time were all in my favor. I felt great.  Coach […] Read the full article

Get Productive: Execute like a CEO

We are in an exciting time of disruptive change. Now more than ever before, Credit Unions lead the way with exceptional service for members, fulfilling important roles in communities and changing regulation for the benefit of everyone. As busy Credit Union leaders we know we don’t have time to do everything, only time to do […] Read the full article

Get Productive: Open Plan Productivity

Moving from an office to an open plan can be an adjustment for some. For others it’s no big deal.  Open plan environments are popular for teams with high collaboration, and allow a larger number of people in one space. As more organizations grow and explore more productive ways to work this is fast becoming […] Read the full article

Mental Training for Runners: How to Stay Motivated – Book Review

Reading this great book, Mental Training for Runners, written by Jeff Galloway was insightful, informative and intimidating! The book explains how to improve motivation, why and how you lose motivation and provides specific strategies for staying your best. While written for runners, his advice is applicable for anyone wanting to understand the brain and body […] Read the full article

Get Productive: Persist through discomfort

While running with coach Dave recently, our conversation revolved around how as a new runner, I needed to learn the difference between pain and discomfort.  Have you ever hurt yourself or had a niggling feeling that something wasn’t right?  We need to listen to those signals and determine if we are in pain… or just […] Read the full article

Become an Epic Keynote Speaker: Read Jane Atkinson’s New Book   

Many people have published books and articles on how to be a better keynote speaker. This book is an absolute MUST read! Filled with information from mechanics to motivation, every page has new ideas, systems and strategies you can apply if you are a speaker, trainer, or present as part of your practice. As an […] Read the full article