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Get Productive: Persist through discomfort

While running with coach Dave recently, our conversation revolved around how as a new runner, I needed to learn the difference between pain and discomfort.  Have you ever hurt yourself or had a niggling feeling that something wasn’t right?  We need to listen to those signals and determine if we are in pain… or just […] Read the full article

Become an Epic Keynote Speaker: Read Jane Atkinson’s New Book   

Many people have published books and articles on how to be a better keynote speaker. This book is an absolute MUST read! Filled with information from mechanics to motivation, every page has new ideas, systems and strategies you can apply if you are a speaker, trainer, or present as part of your practice. As an […] Read the full article

GREAT tips for First Timers at NSA from Noah Rickun

Before any NSA convention I always connect some of my fave people who may not know each other. Recently I was connecting Noah (who is a master connector himself) with a first timer and he shared this great advice. I loved it so much I got his permission to turn it into a blog. If […] Read the full article

The Encore Effect: How to Achieve Remarkable Performance in Anything You Do

‘Life is a performance that I'm in charge of’ says Mark Sanborn in his book The Encore Effect. As the author of many great books including the Fred Factor, Mark shares great insights in this book. You can watch our video testimonial of this great book here  A few of our favorite keepers from this […] Read the full article

Be like a turtle, slow down to be more productive

While kayaking on Lake Nockamixon (I know crazy name right) there was a section on the lake with turtle basking stations. Seriously. These platforms were for the turtles to climb aboard, sun themselves and enjoy the view, like sun lounges for turtles, very cool. It got me thinking. We need to be like the turtles, […] Read the full article

Get Hyper focused: 3 Strategies to Get more done

A Sunday afternoon drive in our red car through Lancaster PA includes seeing gorgeous horse and buggy transport used by the Amish.  If you don’t know about Amish community, some choose to live their lives without modern technology, simple living and plain dress (you know this girl could never do that!). What fascinate me about […] Read the full article

Make it matter: make it meaningful

Imagine a ballroom full of exceptional bankers celebrating a truly successful year. That was where I found myself last Tuesday night as their keynote speaker for their annual awards dinner.  The CEO of First Federal of Bucks County, Jeane Coyle, shared many good news stories about the community contributions the team had made both personally […] Read the full article

Get Productive:  Use Google Calendar

One of the most common questions I am asked is what tool I use to manage my crazy life. Google calendar of course! It’s a no brainer if you manage a virtual team and you spend you life on planes, in airports and convention centers. Four great reasons to use Google calendar include it’s sharable, […] Read the full article

Life is good… your t-shirt can remind you

I have always been a fan of the Life is Good brand. The founder’s story is a great one, if you haven’t heard of Bert and John Jacobs it is worth reading here. They have a desire to spread optimism… love it! Today while looking for a running t-shirt I found one with the perfect […] Read the full article

Get Productive: Pay Attention … or get stranded

Ever lose track of the time? Ever have your cell phone battery die? Ever have your mophie run out of juice? Ever have a flat battery in your car when you arrived at the airport late at night because you left the internal light on? Ever miss your flight? Ever have all that happen in […] Read the full article