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Be Ah-Mazing: Filter Your Feedback


Ever had someone say ‘can I give you some feedback?’… And they don’t’ wait… they just launch into their opinions!


Feedback is an interesting topic of conversation. Recently I had an awesome opportunity to work with a client that is way outside what I would normally do. It was …

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Be AH-Mazing: Be an IDEA Leader

Have you ever heard the term ‘Thought Leader’ and wondered what it was and who gets to call themselves that? Those in thought leadership can shape and shift the ideas, perspectives and ideas in others.

Idea LeaderThey don’t just know something, they are known for something.

How can you embrace your …

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How Your Online Presence Affects Your Job Search: Guest Blog by Megan Kristel

shutterstock_268445069-800x490Have you ever Googled yourself? Your future employers and recruiters have! Like it or not, your online presence is as important as the interview itself and has become common place for companies and recruiters to research online at some point during the screening process.

According to ExecuNet, up to 90% of recruiters conduct online …

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12 Productivity Tips – Guest Blog by Mark Sanborn

I love brilliant, easy to apply productivity tips that will make an immediate impact in life, relationships and our day-to-day. This is why I wanted to share the blog: 12 Productivity Tips by author, speaker and leadership coach, Mark Sanborn. Read, apply and enjoy!


1. Carry a notebook …

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Be Ah-Mazing: How to be Productive When Traveling

If you travel a little (or maybe a lot) it can feel unproductive and frustrating. There are ways to make traveling more productive … systemize everything.


Before Travelshutterstock_73700746

Get the tools – Consider purchasing quality luggage (love Briggs & Riley), noise canceling earphones (love Bose in ear buds to …

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Conference Tips for First Timers: National Speakers Association

Thom Singer photoIf you’re joining us at the National Speakers Association annual conference, being held this year in Washington, D.C., you’ll want to read the following post: Conference Tips for First Timers by guest blogger, Thom Singer. Strap on your seatbelts and get ready for a fun ride! 

The first time you …

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3 Must Haves for Navigating Impromptu Conversations: Guest Blog by Stacey Hanke

How many impromptu conversations have you found yourself in this week? What would you do in these situations?

  • You’re asked a question you weren’t prepared for during a meeting.
  • You’re approached by an executive who wants a quick update.
  • You need to sell your idea in five minutes rather than

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Be AH-Mazing: How to Break the Rules

shutterstock_192023183Australian’s are known to be friendly, laid back and they work hard… and play hard.

As an Aussie I am not good with authority or rules. My whole corporate life I had a reputation as someone who looked at things differently, who questioned everything and who could creatively find an …

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Be Ah-Mazing: Systemize Thoughtfulness

You don’t have time to do everything, only time to do what matters.Thank you card


Leaders of influence know people matter. To continue to reach out and connect with people around you and remind them they matter, we believe you can systemize thoughtfulness.


Here are a few strategies we use:…

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Be Ah-Mazing: Activate Your Brain Book Review

Activate-Your-BrainJust for the record, I already knew Scott Halford was brilliant. I saw him rock High Point University where he shared his wisdom with a room of thought leaders – and he blew them away! I am always impressed with him (and he’s such a great guy too).


His …

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