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Get productive and clean up your Facebook feed

Each day you expose your brain to the thoughts and beliefs of others, who is influencing you? Watch our video here When we mindlessly open our Facebook feed and scroll through the many posts of friends, photos posted and articles we unconsciously expose ourselves to all that clutter. I daily unfollow (rather than unfriend), any […] Read the full article

Ideas on how to increase productivity (infographic to enjoy)

Really enjoyed the ideas of this one and thought you might enjoy it too:   Click To EnlargeVia Salesforce What would you add to these great ideas? Share them down below in the comments section. Love to hear from you […] Read the full article

15 Ways to Save Time – get more done!

This year commit to choosing three of these suggestions and implement! If you want to watch our video (it's about 9 minutes long) - click here  Say No - No is a complete sentence. Try it out. Say it nicely. Make more room to say 'yes' to things that really matter. Invest 15 minutes - […] Read the full article

15 Ways to Save Time in 2015

I know it's a long list! Watch this video (9 minutes long) for all 15 ideas […] Read the full article

Have you read Marilyn Sherman’s books?

If you are looking for some practical advice that will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and become a front row leader - check out these books by my friend Marilyn Sherman. Watch our video review here […] Read the full article

Are you fascinating?

Loved this interview with my friend Sally Hogshead and Marie Forleo. Marie is someone I admire for the online community she has built in her unique, quirky and fun way. Sally is a friend I admire for her ability to create an ah-mazing business doing what she loves and showing people the best of themselves. […] Read the full article

Have you read the Encore Effect by Mark Sanborn? If not, DO IT!

  […] Read the full article

Read this great book by Jon Petz – Significance in Simple Moments

  […] Read the full article

How many Sundays do you have?

I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my couch.   And then I cried. And then I laughed again. The stories, the facial expressions, the voices of Billy Crystal in his stage show (I watched on DVD) called 700 Sundays. If you want to watch an uplifting and entertaining movie, buy this one. He […] Read the full article

How to be more productive and effective with your fundraising

Are you responsible for fund raising for your board, committee or organization? If you want to know the secrets to effective fund raising, try these strategies. Find advocates – creating advocates for you and your cause will highly impact your ability to raise funds. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and what you […] Read the full article