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Make time in time: listen and learn to audio programs

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Neen recommends Thrive by Arianna Huffington

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Great Podcast with On Air with Ella – Productivity Tips just for you!

What an absolute delight to be interviewed by rockstar Ella - you have heard me rave about her podcast in our blog and on our ezine and on Ah-Maze TV. She interviewed me and it was so much fun! Listen to our interview (less than 15 minutes) for tips you can apply immediately! Click here […] Read the full article

Make your meetings more productive – click the video to learn more

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Great apps and websites to be more productive in meetings and life

My fave apps and websites if you want to be more productive using technology              One of my clients recently asked me what are my favorite apps. What a question! My iPhone is filled with apps (some of which I downloaded and sounded great at the time… and then I never touched them again).   […] Read the full article

We are excited to share Ah-Maze TV – subscribe today

You asked us for regular videos… we listened! If you want to be more ah-mazing at work and at home subscribe to Ah-Maze TV and you will get practical tips you can implement immediately in all aspects of your crazy busy life! We’d love to hear your thoughts. Share your comments here on our blog […] Read the full article

Neen recommends The Seven Things Your Team Needs to Hear You Say by David Dye

Have you read The Seven Things Your Team Needs to Hear?                         One of the most fun parts of being a expert who speaks is I get to read all the brilliance of other speaker mates who sometimes kindly send me their books. I really enjoyed David Dye’s easy read The Seven Things Your Team […] Read the full article

Being ah-mazing is a choice

Scrolling through the photos from the speech made me feel worse. The camera doesn’t lie they say. Whoever ‘they’ are…. was right. Seeing unflattering photos can often be a motivator. Do you relate to that?   Later the same morning I listened to one of my fave podcasts On Air with Ella, she interviewed a […] Read the full article

Want to know how about Folding Time™ – watch here

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Make the most of each moment – be productive and ah-mazing!

Walking into the room of 300+ professional speakers in Vegas for the National Speakers Association Winter Conference made me smile. They were there to learn and grow their business -it's always inspiring. These are my people. Can you imagine all those personalities in one room? It's hard to get a word in sometimes (which is […] Read the full article

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