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Get Healthy – Walk and Talk

Do you ever feel chained to your chair and drained of energy at the end of each day? Is a routine exercise regimen out of the question? Get up, get moving and get productive with these tips to walk and talk.     Even the fabulous designer, Tory Burch, has jumped on the fitbit bandwagon […] Read the full article

9 Timesaving Tips from Professional House Cleaners

Loved reading one of our clients Harmony Clean sharing their brilliance in Real Simple Magazine on the nine time saving tips for cleaning.   Click here to read their ideas. Thanks Vicki Brown for sharing such practical advice we can all incorporate so we can all get more done and feel more productive every day.   […] Read the full article

How to Set Agendas at Meetings

Often when I work with leadership and sales teams on a new client pitch or product launch (or how to be more productive) they ask if there is a secret to a successful meetings. Yep! Set an agenda for a fabulously productive meeting!   So often people run the presentation with our ‘spiel’ and don’t take […] Read the full article

How to get more fabulous Twitter followers

What a treat to be featured with some of my friends Scott McKain and Shep Hyken in this great blog on how to get more twitter followers - read on for some great ideas and to hear 30+ expert bloggers share their brilliance […] Read the full article

Embrace What Matters

My friend does what matters.   At home he dotes on his kids, attends sporting games, coaches often and is fully attentive when possible. At work he knows the numbers, his brilliant brain often does big deals in his head and he’s incredibly successful. At community events he often generously contributes financially and strategically with […] Read the full article

Voices of Experience – Legendary Speakers Share Advice

I was listening to the April edition of Voices of Experience (an industry audio magazine for the speaking industry you can download the free app here:),and heard Jim Cathcart , the host ask a room of legendary speakers: "What Does It Take To Succeed In Speaking?"   These people are past NSA Presidents, Board Members, Cavett Winners […] Read the full article

The Essential Tipping Chart

I first saw this published in April 2015 Real Simple Magazine and was so impressed with how easy it was to apply (as an Aussie in the US still learning the tipping rules 10 years later... crazy I know). When in doubt, tip. That's my motto. A Comprehensive guide to ease your mind when you’re […] Read the full article

How big is your brave?

  With the sun shining, top down on my little red convertible and music turned up loud, I heard the words to this song, and it made me cry.   Sara Barrellis song Brave jumped out at me. If you haven’t heard it, do yourself a favor and download ‘Brave’.   While driving I was […] Read the full article

What can you achieve in 90 days?

You can conquer the world in 90 days. Well maybe not literally... however you can make a huge impact. You can get healthy, lose weight, get fit, launch a new project, plan a vacation... ooohhh so many things. We run our business in 90 day cycles. We set goals for every 90 days. We focus […] Read the full article

Read Might As Well Dance

Loved this book. Loved Judson's philosophy of life. Loved his original dance video Evolution of Dance - click here if you have never seen it (and click here anyway to make you smile today).   This is a great book to read for your own motivation and inspiration and also as a gift for people […] Read the full article

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