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Stay Productive While Traveling

Many of us travel for work and know sometimes it doesn’t feel productive and it can be really lonely. My business includes speaking around the world visiting many airports, hotels and convention centers.  This means I still have to be able to ‘run and grow’ the business from the road and still stay sane and […] Read the full article

Get Productive: 8 Ways to accelerate virtual presentations

Today more than ever before we are attending more virtual presentations and often giving virtual presentations. These take the form of teleconferences, webinars, Skype calls, Google+ hangouts, telepresence and many other options. I enjoy attending conferences virtually and several of my clients have also ‘beamed’ me into their conferences or around the world to their […] Read the full article

Get Productive: 3 Ways to be more Innovative

I love brilliant minds. I find them fascinating (maybe even a little sexy).  The way people think, process information, create works of art and reinvent has always intrigued me. I love being surrounded by thought leaders.  I’m fortunate to have some of the coolest (and smartest) friends and several focus on innovation. Last week while […] Read the full article

10 Ways to Engage any Audience… and be more productive

Each day we have a choice of being boring or engaging. We attend meetings, create presentations and host conversations. Today make a choice to be AH-Mazing. Choose to be more engaging today, and you will.  Voila – it’s that simple. Here are ten strategies to be more engaging in meetings, training sessions or presentations: Be […] Read the full article

Get Productive: Discover Your V.I.B.E

Recently I received a copy of a gorgeous new book by talented coach, speaker and author, Shannon Cassidy. Her latest masterpiece is called V.I.B.E – values, interests, beliefs and energy. I always enjoy hearing Shannon speak and we have shared clients, platforms and brainstormed projects together. She is someone I deeply admire; I love this […] Read the full article

Get Productive: Listen to your Inner GPS

My fellow Aussie, Karen Jacobsen, can be heard in GPS systems around the USA giving directions and helping you ‘recalculate'. Known as the GPS girl, she launched a journal to assist people put themselves in the driver’s seat and roadmap their own future. You can check out her journal here. I enjoyed reading this journal […] Read the full article

Don’t Let Anyone Underestimate You

In David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell’s latest book he shares the story we all know so well and highlights the role of the misfit, the underdog and how to take on the giants (whatever your giant is). I enjoy his books – he is a great thought leader. I find them often repetitive – once […] Read the full article

Get Productive: Get a Mophie

Admittedly I am a little late to the Mophie party however I am constantly on the look out for new gadgets that will make life easier, or save time. Recently while spending the weekend with some of my speaker mates in Tampa I noticed they all were using the Mophie. Never heard of it? It’s […] Read the full article

Conquer the World in 15 minutes

You don’t have time to do everything; only to do what matters. Breaking the 1,140 minutes you have each day into 15-minute increments will help you get the most out of them, was the message we shared as the closing keynote at CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Conference last Saturday in the gorgeous Orlando, Fla. […] Read the full article

Get Productive: Ask more questions

I admire so many of the Greeks. Socrates was crazy smart.  He was a master of asking questions. The Socratic method of asking disciplined questions causes you to think in a variety of ways.  These questions often allow the conversation to get in more depth, uncover issues and often lead to more questions. This technique […] Read the full article