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How to be more productive and effective with your fundraising

Are you responsible for fund raising for your board, committee or organization? If you want to know the secrets to effective fund raising, try these strategies. Find advocates – creating advocates for you and your cause will highly impact your ability to raise funds. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and what you […] Read the full article

Happy Holidays and big Aussie love

Regardless of which holiday you celebrate, it can be a busy (and stressful). This holiday let's choose the following: Give the gift of undivided attention - turn off technology, look people in the eyes and have a great conversation with someone you value this holiday season. Donate your time - we don't have time to do everything, only […] Read the full article

10 Ways to Save Time this Holiday Season

I love the holidays - it's my fave time of year and here are 10 strategies to help you get more done and create more significant moments that matter: Cancel unnecessary meetings. Set 'out of office' message on your email. Complete holiday shopping online. Schedule a catch up with friends/ clients instead of exchanging gifts. […] Read the full article

Get Productive: Be Quiet

If we’ve met, you know I love to ‘chat’. I get paid to talk around the world, super cool! One of my favorite things to do is to chat to audiences and share strategies so they can have more impact in the world. I believe it’s the little things we do that make the biggest […] Read the full article

Get Productive: Have a No Talking Day Guest Blog from Megan Kristel

One of my best friends is not only brilliant and gorgeous, but she is crazy smart and when I read her blog last week I said “YES!” this is exactly what I need to do and thought you would enjoy it also. Megan writes: One of the biggest challenges in my image business is time […] Read the full article

Run a marathon it will change your life

… That’s what people told me. If you want to achieve any big goal in life, share it with others. It keeps you accountable. For those of you who have been reading along you know I recently started running. If we’ve met you also know, I don’t have a runner’s body. A friend challenged me […] Read the full article

Thank you for running my marathon with me

Some say running a marathon is an individual event, I believe it’s a team sport. Running a marathon is for crazy people and yet… I loved every minute of it. ‘Successful marathoners must lose their cool, and allow this irrational animal consciousness to take over’ Bill Rodgers (former American record holder in the marathon). If you'd […] Read the full article

Say Thank You Often

Today is Veteran’s Day in the USA. A day of reflection and gratitude for those who have served in the armed forces. In Australia, the day is called ANZAC day. It’s important to take a few moments today, reach out to someone you know who has served, and tell them how much you appreciate all […] Read the full article

Opt Out … For Reals Guest Blog by Jason Kotecki

When you buy something online, there is almost always a checkbox in the shopping cart with an invitation to receive promotional emails of some sort. Sometimes you have to check the box to get them. Other sites have pre-checked the box for you, assuming that you want their stuff. If you don't, you physically have […] Read the full article

Ask for Help: Accelerate results

Have you ever read the book The Little Engine That Could? I'm I training for a marathon (just a few weeks away) and my friend (and virtual running partner) Noah suggested I read this book.  Great reading and I enjoyed several lessons from this powerful children's story. 'I think I can' - Our minds are […] Read the full article